Would Nikas Have Left if the NPL Were A Proper 2nd Division?

On Saturday evening we saw Nikas play his last game in the NPL. It was a bitter sweet night however as the Sutherland Sharks managed an upset, much to everyone’s surprise.

With Nikas heading over to Bangkok to play professionally, there are 2 questions begging to be asked.

Firstly, Why had no A-League side acquired his signature in the last 6 years since he finished at the Fury? This is despite trials at clubs and being one of the if not the best players in the NPL.

And secondly and more importantly, would he have stayed if the NPL was a proper professional national second division?

The answer is probably. Nikas is on record as saying that all he wanted was to be able to play football professionally, and now he is moving to Thailand to fulfill his dream.

It’s a sorry state of Australian football when players like Panny have to move to Thailand to play professionally. If we had the proper structures in place, there would be more opportunities for players to play professionally in Australia.

Look at the “Golden Generation” of the Socceroos, players like Grella, Emerton, Viduka all came through the NSL which had a major advantage over the A-League; the number of teams. If we had more opportunities and more pathways for our talent to play, we would not only see a stronger national league, but also a stronger national team.

It’s time for the FFA to act, and improve football in Australia.


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