Women’s Statewide Cup: When?

With the news that Australia is launching a bid to host the 2023 Women’s World Cup, why don’t we start preparing our ladies and provide them with better and more competition in Australia?

On Monday the Hobart Zebras were crowned Statewide Cup Champions in Tasmania.

In Victoria, FC Bulleen and Calder United are set to square off on June 24 for the Team App Cup. A Womens knock-out tournament that started with over 40 teams.

So the question is why is the NSW Women’s Cup only a pre-season cup with only the NPL 1 teams? Why aren’t the NPL 2 and State League teams invited and make it a true knock out tournament instead of a round robin cup that it is now?

The men have the FFA Cup, where over 700 teams nationwide entered the competition with teams from the NPL, State League and association level teams all competing.

FNSW have implemented the following into their Women’s Strategy for the 2018 season and beyond:

  • FFA Cup tournament, Football NSW will further address this matter with FFA.

So FNSW is committed to a Women’s FFA Cup, but why not a proper Women’s knock out cup in NSW in the meantime?

Credit: FFTas

With the NPL, NPL 2 and State League teams we already have 26 entrants. Add in association level teams we could easily have 50 teams for the tournament. This would serve to promote Women’s football in NSW, giving the teams extra games and extra opportunities. Yes it wouldn’t be without it’s challenges, but it’s an achievable goal to hold a tournament like this.

After that is in place then we can start looking at a Women’s FFA cup with a finals stage of let’s say 2 teams per state so 16 teams. Wouldn’t it be great to see NSW Women and Victorian Women going at it in a final?

Again though not without its challenges, with a lot of women playing NPL and W-League levels.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s start working towards equality in the game and create a proper cup for our ladies in NSW.

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