Wolves Membership Packs – Is It Worth It?

Earlier this week, Wollongong Wolves released the details of their memberships.

7 weeks into the season.

3 home games already played.

Assuming that an adult has already attended the 3 home games this season; they’ve already forked out ~$45 if they bought it at the gate, and ~$60 if they bought tickets online. (Booking fees from Ticketek).

Season membership for an adult is going to set you back a whopping $220 for the rest of the games (8 home games remaining), and a scarf, beanie and hat.

For arguments sake, lets say that they would sell the 3 pieces of merchandise for $30 (being generous). If you attended every home game left, minus the price of the merch, you would still be paying $16.25 per match.

If this wasn’t bad enough, a no game entry pack costs $121 for the 3 pieces of merch, or roughly $40 per item.

If that still isn’t bad enough, a kids membership (under 16 gets free entry anyway), will set you back $77 or 2 for $135 ($67.50 each).

So, for the exact same thing, adults will be paying almost double. And kids still get to attend the games.

Luckily, if you’re already an existing corporate member or season pass holder, you can pay $66 for the pack, which isn’t too bad. Now, let’s use that $66 figure instead of the $90 we used before.

$220-$66 = $154. Divided by the 8 remaining home games = $19.25/game. Tickets cost $15 at the gate. Let that sink in.

A family pack will set you back $399 for 2 adults and 2 kids, so $200 each per adult, plus the merchandise for 2 kids. Not the worst deal in the world, but still pushing the expensive side.

It’s fair to say that the Wolves have missed the mark here. In a year where membership numbers will be a crucial factor in showing that a club can meet their metrics, the aim should be to increase the membership base as much as possible.

Instead of charging $121 for an adult just for a few bits of merch and calling them a member, they could have sold it for the $66 they’re already charging members. After all, it’s the exact same product.

Instead of people flocking in the hundreds to become non ticketed members to support the team and pick up some supporters gear, those hundreds will be turned away at the steep price.

Wolves, we implore you. Please reconsider the prices of the membership packs, and see the bigger picture. Securing a licence instead of Southern Expansion.


Image credit: Wollongong Wolves

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