Why the Club Championship Had to Go

So as we all know the Club Championship is finally going next year (Sorry Alex Tobin).

The death of the system is being celebrated by many, none more than us here at The Clean Sheet.

Let’s take a look at how the battles might be different this year with no CC.


Currently Blacktown City are set to take out the overall club championship, however the Wolves are battling APIA for 1st place. Whilst Blacktown have done well this season and are still a shot at 2nd, they are being rewarded primarily for their outstanding work in their 18s and 20s sides.

Relegation wouldn’t make a difference here, Hakoah would still be relegated regardless.


So here we have North Shore Mariners and Western Sydney Wanderers currently duking it out. However if the championship had’ve been scrapped at the start of this season, we would have an intense battle between North Shore and Hills with the Wanderers nowehere near the picture.

Mounties would’ve been an outside chance at this point and Bonnyrigg may have had a better time fighting their way back to the top flight in NSW.

Much the same would be happening in relegation, except St George would just be safe with Rydalmere falling into the relegation area. In our opinion a much better system as Rydalmere wouldn’t be propped up by it’s 18s and 20s.


This is a tricky one, as we’ve had a great battle this season between Raiders, GRM, Bankstown City and Dunbar with Raiders edging out their competition at this point in time.

However without the CC, Stanmore would be in prime position to be promoted, finally breaking free of their years of mediocrity. Raiders would still be in with a chance, as would City and GRM, but Stanmore would be recognised for their outstanding 1st grade side this year.

This time for the relegation battle Sydney Uni would slip down with Camden having a great little run at the moment. Maybe not a whole lot of difference as 4 of the 5 clubs would be the same, but we’re sure Camden will be upset if they get relegated thanks to 16 year olds, who shouldn’t have that kind of pressure put on them (assuming kids are meant to have fun and goalscorers don’t matter).

State League

Not a lot would change. Central Coast United and Fraser Park would still be fighting for promotion, but instead they’d be locked with CCU with a game in hand. How exciting would it be to see on the last day if Fraser could nab promotion after CCU drawing the week prior and the whole team heading down to watch their fate unfold.

We’re glad to see that teams will stop being rewarded for their less than par 1st grade side being propped up by 18s and 20s teams, and welcome the change coming next season. It might even stop clubs signing 1st grade quality players to the 20s, and stop them from dropping down players to salvage points where they know they have a good chance at losing 1st grade.


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