Which Teams Are Facing The Chopping Block?

Last week FNSW announced the re-structure of the NPL competitions. Plenty of talking points have emerged, from the club championship being replaced by table positioning for pro/rel by 1st grade only to youth being split and restructured, and perhaps the most shocking of all, the axing of SAP.

However the biggest talking point has been seemingly glossed over. NPL will now be 4 tiers, with State League becomign NPL 4. Each division will have 12 teams, going from the current 12, 14, 14, 12 to 4 tiers of 12. This means that 3 teams will be relegated from NPL 2, 5 teams from NPL 3 this season, and at least 4 teams will be axed (with the potential of more).

So which teams will find themselves playing park football next season? Will we see teams merge? Or will teams just simply vanish from existence? Lets take a look at which teams face the chopping block.

Most likely

Gazy Lansvale

  • N/A


  • No Youth Teams
  • Often the whipping boys of State League
  • Home ground not suitable, would need significant upgrades to align with FNSW guideline
  • Club is only made up of 3 teams 18’s, 20’s & firsts. They have no park teams in the local competition
  • Surrounded by other, more successful clubs

Hurstville Minotaurs

  • Lengthy history
  • The General


  • Lack of a permanent home ground (currently playing out of a dilapidated St George Stadium)
  • No Youth Teams
  • Poor club organisation
  • In a saturated area like Gazy (St. George already has Rockdale, Saints, St George FA, team in the Canterbury area

Hurstville Zagreb FC

  • Lengthy history, produced a number of Socceroos
  • Has the numbers for juniors, possibility of converting them into Youth teams
  • Supportive of women’s football at park level


  • No home ground to meet FNSW’s new rules (currently playing out of area at Seymour Shaw)
  • No Youth Teams
  • Holding onto the name “Zagreb” which FNSW may not favour


Western Condors

  • N/A


  • No youth
  • Currently playing out of area in Chopin Park, Plumpton



Granville Rage

  • Granville have struggled to administer SAP in recent years with low numbers and outsourcing to an academy. Can they be trusted moving forward?
  • Also constant whipping boys in NPL 3, struggle to stay up every year relying on poor results from other clubs


Inter Lions

  • No permanent home ground
  • Youth playing out of VSP
  • Seniors at Fraser


  • Home ground doesn’t meet new FNSW rules (playing out of Rockdale)




  • Run women’s teams
  • Currently leading club championship in State League
  • Don’t come with “ethnic baggage” (for lack of better term) like other clubs that FNSW might view as favourable


  • No youth
  • Playing out of VSP, Will David Phillips field cut it? May have to start shopping for a new home


  • Stadium used for State League teams meets FNSW criteria
  • Intend to run youth teams next year
  • Have experience running youth (they’ve been running Blacktown AYL program)
  • Have an online shop


  • N/A



  • FNSW love regional teams, won’t want to lose catchment area
  • Have a full youth academy already set up, just waiting on joining a competition


  • Will they be willing to keep travelling to Sydney when ACT is closer?
  • Rumours are that Wagga will be entering the Capital Football Competition
  • Will other clubs be happy if they come in when they already have to travel to play Western
    NSW Mariners?


  • Board have lost interest in football, more focused on Portuguese community these days
  • Lost association teams, loss of SAP could be a blow to them


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