Which Clubs Will Get Axed?

So as everyone knows by now, there are a number of clubs set to be axed next season. We wrote an article last year detailing which clubs are in the firing line and honestly not a lot has changed.

Wagga City Wanderers have obviously moved into the capital football system and if our sources are correct, Southern Branch will be fielding a seniors program next year, but more on that later.

If we look at the criteria FNSW has put in place, it’s very similar to what they originally put out, although it seems they have removed the part that specified clubs had to have their own ground or proof of a long tenure at a ground.

“Entry into NPL 4 (12 clubs) will be assessed based on (i) performance; (ii) comparative likely contribution in the future to a high-quality elite or semi-professional competition at both youth and men’s levels (iii) Geographical Density of NPL club sand other criteria to be confirmed “

Here are our picks of probably/possible clubs to be told thanks, but no thanks by Football NSW.

FC Gazy Auburn

They do not field any youth sides which pretty much eliminates them from contention of staying straight away, and there is very little chance that they will pick up a youth program for next season.
Not to mention poor results not meeting the performance requirement either. Finally, based on proximity to other clubs, they are likely to be told there’s no room for them in the future.

As long as Safet gets saved we’re happy.

TCS Verdict: Axed.

However, there is the possibility of a merger. Personally, we would like to see Gazy and Rage merge to form Auburn Granville Gazy Rage. See the below image.

Western Condors

Not a lot to say about the Condors, apart from their somewhat lengthy history.

Currently have no youth set up and are playing out of area in Plumpton. Also have had very lackluster results over the past few years.

TCS Verdict: Axed due to better clubs staying.

Hurstville Minotaurs

The Minotaurs do have a lengthy history, as well as The General, but we’re afraid that’s about all the side has going for them.
They lack a proper home ground and field no youth sides. They show signs of promise however they find themselves in the bottom half of the state league table most years.

Finally, much like Gazy, teams such as Rockdale, both St Georges, Sutherland are right next door meaning that they are in a highly saturated area.

TCS Verdict: Probably will be shown the door.

However, they could possibly be saved if they merge with the next club.

Hurstville Zagreb 

This club is one that has a long history with many Socceroos past and present having roots at this club. They also have a large number of players that could be converted into youth teams and we are sure they would have no problem in getting some sides together.

However, the lack of youth sides may be their downfall, as well as being nomadic with no true home ground.

TCS Verdict: Possibility to go however could “absorb” Minotaurs in a merger/takeover to keep a club in the Hurstville area. Preferably they would find a proper home ground and use their resources to field youth.

It’s most likely that these 4 teams will be dropped, primarily due to no youth sides and an over saturation of teams in the same area.

Now this is the point where everyone says “What about the other sides that don’t field a youth team such as South or Central Coast or Prospect?

We’ve had internal discussions about these teams and our understanding is that as they facilitate AYL for their areas, the most likely scenario is that the AYL teams would be moved to NPL. What happens to AYL after that is another story for another day.

But anyway, let’s quickly run through those sides.


Would be the most likely to pick up a youth program & have experience with women’s . Always does fairly well in the State League and has a good healthy rivalry with Sydney Uni.

Could also surprise us all and earn promotion and thus earn their safety as well


Again runs the Blacktown AYL which we assume they would make their own NPL youth with. They also have a pretty sweet field.

South Coast Flame

Only came in last season, runs AYL.

Central Coast United

See above. Plus favourites to be promoted which would also save them.

These 4 sides bringing their AYL to NPL youth would also fill the current void of 4 teams for the youth competitions to have 2 tiers of 24 sides.

We believe that the first 4 mentioned are the most likely to be cut from NPL however a couple of mergers may save some of the sides.

There are some sides in NPL 3 that are in heavily saturated areas as well that may merge to have both survive, but we’ll continue this discussion in the future.

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