What Will Happen To Southern Branch?

With all the talk going on lately with the seniors and youth changes, Southern Branch seems to have been left out of the conversation.

They currently run boys NPL in the Youth NPL 2 competition, however have no mens teams in the NPL structure anymore.

They are somewhat of an anomaly. There are quite a few clubs without youth, Southern Branch is a club without seniors.

There are a few possible outcomes for Southern Branch:

1. Create Mens teams and add them into the NPL 4 competition from next year.

This is definitely a possibility, especially if FNSW decides that there are more than 4 NPL teams that are unsuitable to enter the NPL 4 competition for the 2019 season.

Not the most likely to happen, but it is a possibility nonetheless.

2. Southern Expansion picks up the youth teams, Southern Branch continues only with Womens.

Currently, Flame uses AYL as their youth. By having South Coast picking up the youth licence, this would create a united South Coast club that stretches down the coast.

Definitely more likely than the first alternative.

3. Southern Branch loses its youth and SCF plays exclusively in Wollongong with its own youth teams.

Again another possibility, however probably the least likely of the three options. We would love to see South Coast Flame represent the whole of the South Coast area.


What are your thoughts? What is the likely outcome for Southern Branch? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments!


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