U18s Goalscorers Not Being Recorded?

It was brought to our attention by an astute fan, that goalscorers are being removed from the match centre’s for the under 18s games.

Let’s take this round 1 match between SU58 and Rockdale.

The match finished 5-3, so with 8 goals scored you’d expect to be able to see who scored them. Right?

Well no. The bookings have remained however the goalscorers have been removed. Let’s take a look at another example.

A round 2 match between Canterbury Bankstown and Spirit. Again 5 goals were scored however no recorded goal scorers.

Now for the proof that they are being removed instead of just not being recorded in the first place.

Take this match that happened yesterday (also when the screenshot was taken). A 6-0 win to Blacktown City and you’d never guess but the scorers are actually listed. We can see for example that Mcloughlin got a brace and who the other 4 that scored were.

And just in case you think it’s happening in the 20s as well. It’s not.

Another round 1 match between Blacktown City and Mt Druitt Town Rangers, with full goal-scoring records.

So, what purpose does it serve to not record who scored?

Not much really. We stated in the reasoning behind removing it for youth was so that FNSW didn’t get bombarded with “video evidence” that their kid actually scored the goal and the referee got it wrong, but surely we should be awarded golden boots in the 18s and seeing the standings throughout the season?

And why not cut the 20s as well then? They’re both part of the senior program so what makes the 18s different?

What are your thoughts on the situation? Should the 18s goal scorers be recorded on SportsTG?

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