Top 5 areas that need an NPL team

You may have read our article earlier in the week questioning why there is a lack of non Sydney teams in the NPL and State Leagues. If not you can read it here.

We did a bit of brainstorming and came up with a few areas in NSW that should have a team representing them!


5. Blue Mountains

Located just west of the Sydney metropolitan area, the Blue Mountains City has a population of roughly 80k. An NPL team would be close enough for away days for most clubs, and far away enough to not take any support from Nepean. A team; Blue Mountains FC already exists with over 50 years of history, so why not have an NPL team compete from there?

4. Southern Highlands

Mittagong, Bowral, Berrima, all these historic towns make up part of the Southern Highlands region. A region that is devoid of a semi-professional football team. With a population of just under 50k, it is possible for them to draw support and players from the Goulburn area as well. A team from the area would be perfect to bring the towns together on a Sunday afternoon to watch the beautiful game.


The population of the Shoalhaven is roughly 100k, with Nowra holding 35k of those. A great away day just a few hours South of Sydney, in an unrepresented region. A team based in this area has the potential to set up a rivalry with the Wollongong Wolves, supporters may feel isolated after the team changed its name back from the South Coast Wolves. A region rich with football history and talent, it feels right that they should have a team from there. Plus there is already Southern Branch which have a Womens team, a youth team and the SAP programs, so why not Mens NPL?

2. Northern Beaches

Yes, Manly FC already represent the area, but with a population of 260k, it is hard to go past a second team from the North of Sydney. A team in the lower grades would bring competing teams up North, and if they should ever play in the same division as Manly, a rivalry will be set in stone from the first game. An ideal area to have a second team represent them.

1. Illawarra

The most underrepresented area in the NPL, although not without good reason. The Wollongong Wolves are the team for the Illawarra currently, as all the rest compete in the local Illawarra Premier League. However a second team for the 450k people that live in the area would be perfect. Not only would it give teams in the lower divisions a chance to travel down South, but there are some excellent grounds that would be perfect to host a team. Not to mention the rivalry that they would have with the Wolves and with Shoalhaven if that were to ever become a reality.

Any areas in there that you disagree with? Let us know in the comments! And who knows, one or two of these teams might already be in the works.


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