Thomas James On Track For Record

Thomas James has been a revelation for the Wollongong Wolves this year and is one of the key reasons the club has one hand on the premiership. Of course he is only one piece of the puzzle but there is no denying that 20 goals from 19 games in a massive piece of that.

The young lad is on track to potentially tie or go ahead of Jordan Murray’s record 23 goals in a season in 2017 should he get at least a goal a game over the next 3 matches, and statistically he’s on track for it.

A few key stats:

  • Scored in all but 5 games
  • 4 Braces
  • Best run of scoring in 4 consecutive league games

These are the leading goalscorers from the last few years:

2018: Alejandro Sanchez Lopez – 16
2017: Jordan Murray – 23
2016: Chris Payne – 20

But, let’s take a look a little further back now…

In 2008 Robbie Younis scored 21 whilst playing for APIA.

If we go right back before any of the current NPL players were born we have some crazy records.

1960: Herbert Ninaus – 46

1959: Leo Baumgartner – 32

1963: Brian Tristram – 32

So whilst TJ won’t break any overall records, there is certainly the possibility of breaking the NSW NPL record and even going as far back to at least the formation of Soccer NSW.

Photo Credit: Pedro Garcia

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