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A few weeks ago we were invited to attend The Football Business Network event that was held in collaboration with Football Coaches Australia where Graham Arnold and Heather Garriock were the guest speakers with Phil Moss hosting.

It was a great night out and a chance to mingle with other’s in business and football, as well as a chance to listen to some of the greatest coaching minds in the country.

Graham Arnold spoke candidly about his time coaching from Northern Spirit through to his current role as Socceroos manager, giving an insight not only into his coaching style but sharing stories that haven’t been publicly spoken about.

Heather Garriock discussed her time as Canberra United coach and spoke praise of the Matilda’s side, as well taking kindly to the suggestion by Arnold that she would be the first female A-League manager.

Bruce Djite was also in attendance and took to the spotlight for the second half of the night, fielding questions from the audience.

The Clean Sheet asked how the panel sees the current national curriculum and how does the NPL fit into the grand scheme of things in the football landscape in Australia.

The first question, we’ll just say you had to be there. In terms of the NPL, the panel were saying that it cannot come quickly enough that the A-League goes independent for starters and expands whilst capping the number of visa spots, but also that a second division is crucial in terms of player development.

As it is there are 55 players taking the field every week in the A-League that are foreign and dozens more youth players missing out. The limited games of the NYL is severely hurting development and players are heading overseas in search of game time for the 1st team.

In all it was a fantastic night out and we’re looking forward to the next one in November. We cannot recommend highly enough that you attend the next event and we will be sharing details when they are made available.

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