Sydney FC Fans – Another Incident

There have been various reports by various pages over the last few days about what transpired at the Sydney United 58 v Sydney FC game at Edensor park on the weekend.

Everyone knows by now the events that occurred in the reverse fixture in round 7.

There have been claims that members of Sydneys supporters group “HCS” were arrested for the possession of knives, drugs, socks with rocks etc.

We’re not going to make any wild claims, instead this is what we know:

That a group of Sydney FC fans made their way to Edensor Park for their game against Sydney United 58 FC.

A number of the group were stopped by security personnel and police officers, and were searched, primarily due to incidents in the past few rounds involving the use of flares, as well as rumours that the group was going to the game to cause trouble.

We have heard that there were arrests made over the possession of weapons, however to us these are still unconfirmed.

So that is all that we now for now, more information will be shared as details are confirmed.

And I wouldn’t be holding my breath for details to be released by FNSW, as there was nothing said over Sydney’s points deduction.

Although that does raise the question, if these allegations are true, should the club be punished further by FNSW? To what extent should the club be held responsible for the actions of it’s “fans?”

One possible course of action is the stripping of more competition points from the Sydney FC 1st grade NPL side. However many would view this as harsh considering they already lost points due to circumstances that the players or club could not control.

The next step would be heavily fining the club, although again it runs into the same problems as above.

The most logical punishment would be to bar any Sydney FC fans (outside of relatives) from attending the games for the rest of the season, and some of the next. This would ensure that there is no trouble inside the grounds.

The last step would be the most drastic and that would be to relegate the team, similar to what happened to Bonnyrigg over a decade ago when due to fan violence with Sydney United, the team was relegated. This would be very harsh to the team, and take away from their success of reaching the top flight of NPL, and heavily punishing the players for actions outside of their control.

Perhaps though, that is what is needed to get the message through to the “fans” of the club that trouble is not welcome, and if they really cared about the team, they would attend the game and support their team without violence.

EDIT: This is strictly an opinion. Nothing has been confirmed by NSW police, FNSW or either club. At no point in this article have we said that the things that were reported to have happened, actually happened.

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