SWS: Expansion Frontrunners, But Last With The Fans

Today is deadline day for the nine remaining expansion bids.

We’ve already seen Team 11 and Ipswich confirm their bids whilst there are reports that Brisbane is pulling out of the race.

UPDATE: Brisbane City has confirmed they are pulling out of expansion consideration for now.

This may be due to the numerous reports that the South West Sydney/Macarthur mega bid and Team 11 are the two front runners for expansion.

Thankfully though, there’s talk that Southern Expansion is beginning to pull back their efforts as they have lost favour thanks to the rival western bid.

It should come as no surprise that the two favoured bids are from Sydney and Melbourne, especially after teams like Gold Coast, Tasmania and Northern Queensland were knocked out when they cut the bids from their initial entries to 10 (now 9).

But is there actually a need for a 3rd Sydney or Melbourne team?

Well, not really. Yes it would create derbies, but so would a Wollongong or Ipswich side. A Western Melbourne bid that was based out at Geelong would arguably do the same.

We need to move into new areas, not tapping into the same market where if people don’t have a team by now, they’re unlikely to start following.

The South West Sydney region is arguably dominated by the Wanderers, with a few scattered Sydney FC fans.

Yes the region is building up, but it’s 20 years away until it’s fully ready to go.

So the question is, where will the fans come from? And for us that should be the number 1 criteria.

Either create a new franchise in a new area, or “promote” a team from “old soccer” such as Wollongong Wolves.

FFA, our message is clear. A team without a fan base will not survive. Make the right choice. Go into new areas that are crying out for a team.


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