State League vs The FFA Cup

By the time Round 4 is through, 7 of the 11 State League sides will have been sent packing.

And that’s only because Condors and Flame face each other next week.

Nepean FC and UNSW are already through, the latter beating other State League opposition Hurstville ZFC.

It’s pretty clear why State League teams may be wanting to avoid competing in the cup. Their survival hinges on a range of criteria this season with performance being a key component and promotion all but ensuring they’ll be in the state system next season.

That isn’t to say they aren’t trying to win these mid week games, but they won’t be upset that they don’t have to spend another night with hours long return travel.

And let’s face it, the odds of a State League side making the national part of the competition are pretty slim. The last NSW side to do it was Balmain Tigers in 2014 coming from State League 1 and Hakoah the year before them.

On the flip side, the #MagicOfTheCup means that association sides can upset state opposition, which might be what we’re seeing with 4 State League sides being knocked out by lesser opposition.

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