State League Mid Season Review

Bankstown United

7 wins, 0 draws, 2 losses. 27 for, 10 against. 21 points

Top of the table at the halfway mark, Bankstown United are leading a tight race however may slip back if Camden wins both of their catch up games. Early favourites for promotion but really being tested by the other sides now. Sean Robertson is leading the way in attack with 5 goals. Only 2 losses this season have been a round 1 shock to Hurstville ZFC and a round 7 loss to other title contenders UNSW. They have the best attack with 27 goals, and the 2nd best defence with only 10 goals conceded. Expect to see the Bankstown Boys in the finals, and the way they’re going should take out the premiership.

Credit: Bankstown United


6 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses. 21 for, 12 against. 19 points

So far UNSW has only lost to Nepean FC and Prospect United, whilst they settled for a 4-4 draw with Camden in round 1. UNSW definitely has the potential to push for promotion to reignite their rivalry with Sydney Uni in NPL 3, but it will be a close race to the end. Dylan Penglase is sitting on 6 goals, and has the potential to take them all the way. Expecting to see them finish in the top 3, but could slip up in the coming round.

Nepean FC

5 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss. 14 for, 5 against. 17 points. (1 game in hand v Camden)

Nepean has a game in hand vs Camden, which if they win would see them sit 2nd by 1 point on the table, as well as push them up in the club championship and overtake Bankstown United, whom they lost 1-0 to a few rounds a go. They have the best defence in the competition, only conceding 5 goals so far. Some strong wins including a 2-0 win in round 2 against UNSW show they are title contenders this year. Hard to call them a dark horse, but the other teams best keep their eye on Nepean. Will definitely be there in the finals.

Camden Tigers

5 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss. 23 for, 14 against. 16 points (2 games in hand v Nepean and Auburn)

With 2 games in hand, Camden has the potential to go top of the table as well as top of the championship. Jayden Russell is the competitions leading scorer with 9 goals, and only dropping points to UNSW (4-4) and Bankstown United (1-4) they definitely deserve to be in the top 2. Important to note they have the second best attack as well as the second best differential.

Credit: Camden Tigers

Prospect United

5 wins, 0 draws, 4 losses. 18 for, 17 against. 15 points

Prospect doesn’t do things in half measures, as shown in their 0 draws. Their top scorer is also 2nd in the golden boot race; Joel Bayubahe with 7 goals. Strong wins against UNSW in round 3 and Hurstville ZFC last week show they have what it takes to be in the finals, however their loss to Western Condors suggests they still have a way to go to prove themselves. Other than that their losses have come against sides all above them on the table. Will probably just scrape into the finals, however the Hurstville teams will push them all the way.

Hurstville ZFC

4 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses. 17 for, 11 against. 14 points.

The Zagreb boys will be pushing all out to claim a finals spot this year, after finishing 2nd on the table last season. I’d like to say they have the potential to win the comp, but it’s hard to say. The wins they have had include a round 1 3-0 win over Bankstown and a 5-0 thrashing of Western Condors. A few tight games against UNSW, Camden and Nepean show they have what it takes, but are just missing that something special. 3rd best defence in the league, but Livio with his 5 goals doesn’t seem to be enough to win them their games.

Hurstville City Minotaurs

3 wins, 1 draw, 5 losses. 19 for, 12 against.

At first glance one would assume the Minotaurs deserve to be higher up the ladder. 19 goals and only 12 against gives them a good GD, however 11 of their goals have come against Western Condors and Wagga City. The team has put up good fights against all teams in the top 5, losing by no more than 1 in any game, but I feel they will miss the finals this year. They may cause headaches for some of the teams looking for promotion or a finals placing though.

Western Concords

2 wins, 0 draws, 7 losses. 7 for, 34 against. 6 points.

With only 2 wins this season, against Gazy Aubirn and Prospect United, the Condors look to be out of all contention this season. They have leaked 34 goals, which is the worst defence in the comp whilst only managing 7 of their own. And those were only in 3 games. Unfortunately just not good enough this season.

Wagga City Wanderers

1 wins, 1 draw, 7 losses. 11 for, 30 against. 4 points.

After an amazing cup run last year, Wagga City find themselves languishing in 9th on the table with 4 points to their name. A win against Western Condors and a draw against Hurstville ZFC, the Wanderers find themselves at the wrong end of the table. The team and the community have a lot of passion, but unfortunately passion alone is not enough. Lots of talk of them moving to Capital Football next season, where they will perform better.

Credit: Wagga City Wanderers

FC Gazy Auburn

1 win, 0 draws, 7 losses. 9 for, 21 against. 3 points. (1 game in hand v Camden)

Poor Gazy Auburn, their only win of the season coming last week against Wagga City. Scoring 9 goals this season whilst only conceding 21, some would argue their a better side than their positions suggests. Seems like the spoon will be headed to Auburn, although the last game of the season against Wagga City may determine it in the end.


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