Should the PL 1 Sides Enter The Cup At A Later Round?

7-0, 7-1, 9-0, 6-0, 3-1.

These are all the scores of games between PL 1 teams and association teams. And in most cases a majority of the team was 18s/20s players.

Yes there are have been some close games, Sydney United defeated Gladesville Ryde Magic 1-0, Wolves beat Dunbar 2-1 with a goal in injury time and Rockdale put 3 past St George FA.

If we look at past years, at least until 2015, a PL 1 side has never lost in round 4 to a lesser opposition. There have been some close games, a few shootouts and of course losses to other PL 1 sides, but so far every chance they’ve had to progress to round 5, they have.

It opens up the discussion if they should join the preliminaries at round 5 instead of round 4.

I know people are crying out Magic of the Cup! And yes it is great for these association sides to test themselves against quality opposition and it’s great for the youngsters to get a run in the cup but if we’re being honest how much do you learn from losing or winning 7,8,9 nil?

The question especially has to be asked this year where the PL 1 sides all avoided each other in round 4 and seem to have again in round 5 as well.

Conspiracy theorists may be putting on their tinfoil hats at the moment as the draw was released pre-recorded, and we’ve seen the argument of hot and cold balls multiple times.

So we ask you, should the teams enter the competition in round 4 and probably crush an association side, or should they enter in round 5?

Is there a better way to enter in the NPL sides or have they got it right?

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