SAP To Be Scrapped

As per our Facebook post yesterday, the strong rumors going around is that the Skills Acquisition Program is set to be scrapped from next season.

The program is for U9s to U12s and according to the Football NSW Website “The Skill Acquisition Program provides a clear, professionally delivered development opportunity for young footballers in NSW which underpins the National Premier Leagues NSW Men’s and Women’s competitions.”

SAP has gotten out of hand in recent years with licences being handed out like hot cakes, with clubs keen to jump on board the program to charge the parents $1500 a pop.

Clubs field 2 teams in each age division, say 76 kids across the teams and you’re looking at around $115k per club in fees.

Obviously the clubs won’t be wanting their revenue streams to disappear, and will be keen to hold onto their SAP programs instead of having them returned to grassroots associations.

Kids soccer team celebrating after soccer match with medals

The other issue is what will happen to the coaches that all got licences to coach SAP? All very good questions that are left unanswered at this point.

From what we’ve heard FNSW is finding the program hard to police and control.

Perhaps a return to grassroots isn’t a bad idea. Parents will no longer be rorted on fees for their under 9s “rep” players.

Players will be selected on individual talent and skill instead of whose parents have the deepest pockets.

Football can return to developing kids talents instead of using them as a cash cow.


We would love to know your thought on this. Should SAP be scrapped and returned to grassroots for the associations to manage? Or is it still a viable program to develop kids? If it were to stay what changes should be made so that the primary focus is developing the next generation of Australian football players?


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