NSW NPL To Be Restructured

We have heard reports of a meeting scheduled for next month where Football NSW will put restructuring of the NSW NPL system to a vote for all the clubs.

What it looks like they want is to turn NPL 1-3 to 14 team competitions, and scrapping the State League comp all together. This would see historic teams such as Hurtville ZFC and Western Condors no longer competing in a state competition.

So what does that mean for all the teams involved in the NPL system?

From what we understand, 2 teams will be promoted from NPL 2 to NPL 1 with no relegation. 2 teams will be promoted from NPL 3 to NPL 2 with no relegation and at this stage Bankstown United and Nepean FC would both be moved into NPL 3 regardless of their finish in the Club Championship.

This would mean clubs fighting relegation in NPL 1 would be safe such as Parramatta and Bonnyrigg, Bankstown City would be safe in NPL 3 and Balmain would be safe in NPL 3 (although we are only about halfway through the season).

Credit: Football NSW

For the other teams in the State League, it is understood that Wagga City Wanderers would move to Capital Football following the closure of the FFA Centre of Excellence, whilst the other 7 teams would all either return to their local leagues or fold.

One alternative may be that another 3 teams join the remaining 7 to form a state league with no promotion/relegation to the NPL system, and operate as their own league.

Whilst there are some commendable proposals such as creating a 14 team top tier NPL, it feels that it is a backwards step to abolish the State League and lose 7 teams. Not to mention clubs such as UNSW, Camden Tigers and Hurstville ZFC would feel hard done by if they were to finish above Bankstown and Nepean in the Championship.

Football NSW has been contacted for a comment, but so far are yet to reply.

More information to come as soon as it comes to hand.


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