NSW NPL Mid Season Review

It’s that time where we are 11 round in. It seems to have really flown by and highlights the reason why we need a 14 team comp – a longer season (although I’m sure the clubs will disagree).

Let’s sit back and take a look at how each clubs is traveling in the league, as well as a prediction as to where they will end up.

APIA Leichardt Tigers

8 wins, 0 draws, 3 losses. 25 for, 11 against. 24 Points

Currently in 1st place and traveling well. However this comes as no surprise to the Tigers, who are always in the mix at the top end of the table. Still in the FFA Cup, they may take their eye slightly off the league over the next 2 weeks and see their lead slip to Sydney United who have already qualified for the cup.

Prediction: Top 2.

Blacktown City

7 wins, 3 draws, 1 loss. 21 for, 11 against. 24 Points.

Same amount of poinst as APIA, Blacktown has just gone about getting their slightly differently opting to take a few draws but only 1 loss. Very dominant so far this season, that only loss coming against APIA themselves. Won’t be surprised if we see an APIA v Blacktown final this season, although how long can they maintain their winning ways? Once again, still in the cup and are looking likely to qualify, only needing to beat Bulli FC.

Prediction: Top 2.

Sydney United 58 FC

7 wins, 1 draw, 3 losses. 23 for, 11 against. 22 Points.

Sydney United returned to their winning ways after losing their first 3 games before sacking their coach. After taking out the NPL last year, they will be relieved to be back up at the top of the table. Panny Nikas has once again been their standout player, scoring 7 goals in the opening half of the season. Having no midweek cup ties to play also means they are well rested and look primed to striker should APIA or Blacktown falter.

Prediction: Top 4.

Sydney Olympic FC

6 wins, 3 draws, 2 losses. 16 for, 10 against. 21 Points.

Sydney Olympic have had a fairly decent season so far, and are another club that has had a change in coach. Olympic has the potential to beat any team in the league (and a few A-League teams). Still in the FFA cup which may hurt them over the next 2 weeks as they turn their attention slightly off the league to secure that round of 32 spot.

Prediction: Mid Top 4. Con Kebabs Prediction: To win the league and be promoted to A-League.

Rockdale City Suns FC

6 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses. 23 for, 18 against. 20 points.

Rockdale have had an up and down season thus far. Looked strong in the first few round but as they other teams caught up they have found themselves in mid table. Ante Covic has certainly helped in some games, however his age may be starting to show and slow him down a little. Jordan Figon however has been a revelation for the City Suns, leading the golden boot race with 9 goals to his name so far.

Prediction: Mid table, probably 5th.

Manly United FC

5 wins, 3 draws, 3 losses. 26 for, 21 against. 18 points.

At the start of the competition they were touted as favourites, yet now as we have hit the halfway point they are sitting mid table and outside of the finals placings, even if not by much. Disappointing is a good way to sum up their season so far, and they will be wanting to get back on track. Having been knocked out of the cup, they have no midweek commitments next week, meaning the next 2 rounds will be crucial in trying to make up points. They have scored the most goals so far though, which is nice, but their lack of defense certainly isn’t going to win them a title.

Prediction: Mid table, may be able to push back for a finals spot.

Hakoah Sydney City East FC

4 wins, 4 draws, 3 losses. 19 for 15 against. 16 points.

So far performing well, sitting in 7th position. At this stage looking like missing the finals but a late charge may just get them there. Still in the FFA Cup after a couple of extra time and penalties games, which may have had an impact on them. Last game for them coming up, albeit a tough one.

Prediction: Lower mid table.

Wollongong Wolves FC

4 wins, 1 draw, 6 losses.  11 for, 16 against. 13 points.

After spending big in the off season headlined by Japenese star Yuzo Tashiro, Wollongong have fallen to a disappointing 9th on the table. Having had 3 points stripped from them for an administrative error in round 1 certainly hasn’t helped their cause. The signing of former Sheffield United and Central Coast Mariners CDM Nick Montgomery before the Rockdale game seemed to add a spark to the team, and are good enough to pull it together for the back half of the season.

Prediction: Mid table, possibly sneak into 5th for a finals spot.

Sydney FC

3 wins, 1 draw, 7 losses. 17 for, 24 against. 10 points

Pre season Sydney FC were the pick to go straight back down to NPL, thought to not be able to handle the increased competition from the big clubs. However it is clear that they are just not ready to play this level yet. If there was an NPL 1.5 Sydney would be the perfect candidate, too good for NPL 2, not quite good enough for NPL 1. I wouldn’t be surprised to see them finish last, but thanks to Bonnyrigg and Parramatta, they may be saved the embarrassment. Thanks to their 18s and 20s, they’ll probably survive the drop.

Prediction: Bottom 3

Bonnyrigg White Eagles FC

2 wins, 2 draws, 7 losses. 20 for, 33 against. 8 points

This is certainly the team that has shocked everyone, and not in a good way. Usually up the top of the table, Bonnyrigg find themselves really struggling this season with their only wins coming against Wollongong Wolves and a struggling Parramatta outfit. Injuries upon injuries made the first half of the season hell, but have the chance to bounce back and cause some trouble.

Prediction: Lower mid table

Sutherland Sharks FC

2 wins, 0 draws, 9 losses. 16 for, 29 against. 6 points

The “giants” that were slain by NPL 3 side Fraser Park in the FFA cup. This loss really highlights how much of a shocker the Sharks have had this year, and although they never really make waves in the competition, they are usually fairly consistent. With their new coach, they are looking a better side but don’t expect anything from them for the rest of the season. Another club that will avoid the spoon only thanks to Parramata.

Prediction: 2nd last.

Parramatta FC

1 win, 2 draws, 8 losses. 13 for, 31 against. 5 points.

What is there to say? Their only “win” was gifted to them for the administrative error by Wollongong Wolves. They do have players coming back from injury now, but is the rest of the team good enough to lift their spirits to string a few wins together? Although something more may be happening behind closed doors as their 18s and 20s are also having a terrible season. If the NPL changes come through they will be saved from relegation, but they shouldn’t be counting on it.


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