NSL Where Are They Now? – Penrith City SC

Penrith City was founded in 1984 by the Penrith Panthers Rugby League Club.

In their first season in 1984 they enjoyed moderate success, picking 8 wins and finishing 7th out of 12 teams in the NSL Northern Conference.

Their biggest success was their efforts in the NSL Cup where they finished the top of their group ahead of Melita Eagles, Canberra City and Sydney Olympic to qualify for the knockout stage. Their biggest win coming against Olympic 3-0.

In the quarter finals, Penrith lost to APIA Leichhardt 2-0 and were knocked out.

In 1985 the team finished 11th in the league and were subsequently relegated to the NSW State League.

A little piece of forgotten trivia though. In their relegation battle, Penrith finished above Newcastle however, they were not relegated as they were zoned as a regional side as per Soccer Australia rules, thus saving Newcastle Rosebud.

The team also finished above APIA. HOWEVER, after surviving relegation by a point on the final day by defeating Newcastle, Soccer Australia received communication from Marconi that they fielded an ineligible player against APIA in round 17. Tony Henderson was supposed to be suspended and upon investigation SA awarded the win and points to APIA.

This then placed APIA ahead of Penrith City, relegating the club.

They were also knocked out of the cup in the first round, losing 3-1 to Sydney Olympic.

Penrith City competed in 1 season in the State League before being purchased by a Uruguayan consortium and renamed Uruguay Penrith.

Uruguay Penrith competed until 1989 when they became defunct, their best finish was 3rd in 1988 and finishing 12th in their final season.

Courtesy of Stewart Montgomery, we have received squad lists for not only the NSL years, but also for the State League season as well as the NYL teams.


1984 Penrith City NSL

Mike Gibson, Peter Freeman, Dave McIntosh Peter Brogan, , Paul Daley, Mike Cross, Ken Lindsay Dennis Colusso, Ian Hunter, ,Roy Cotton, Jeff Ainsworth.

David Fitzharris, Brian Jackson and Ian Wotherspoon were 3 UK imports that played their first years in Australian football with Penrith.

NYL Squad (Players in bold also played for the senior squad)

David Hales, Rick Tinsley, Stewart Montgomery, Randall Easthorpe, David Shute, David Carbone, Craig Lowe, Craig Thompson, Gavin Thompson, Dennis Csoka, Darren Plumb, George Mculloch, David Hales, Michael Toohey, Dario Martino, Michael Hopkinson.


1985 Penrith City NSL

Mike Gibson, Peter Brogan, Jeff Ainsworth, Don Campbell, Mike Cross, Ian Shaw , Rene Licata, Ian Wotherspoon, Randell Easthorpe, Ian Hunter, Bobby Hebb, Peter Jones, Hector Martinez, Peter Nix.

NYL Squad

Maurice Licata, Mick Greenep, Stewart Montgomery, David Carbone , Craig Castelino, Paul Townson, Craig Thompson, Gavin Thompson, Dennis Csoka, Darren Plumb, George Mculloch, Dario Martino, Mick Greenep, Kenny Thompson, Mick Toohey, David Shute, David Hales.


1986 Penrith City State League

Paul Townson, Peter Kerrigan, Don Campbell, Stewart Montgomery, Peter Brogan, Craig Thompson, Mick Cross, Hector Martinez, John Mcnab, Peter Whealan, Peter Nix, Steven Gray, Michael Quarmby, Ian Hunter, Daryl Edwards.


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