NPL/State League 2019 Update

We received information from a meeting that was held last week regarding the 2019 season for the NPL/State League competitions.

Firstly was the news that Wagga City Wanderers were sadly leaving the NSW structure to enter into the Capital Football Competition.

This news was expected with the rumours circulating earlier this year that WCW had been in contact with the capital region about their relocation. 

After all, both the Riverina Rhinos located in Griffith and Monaro Panthers located in Queanbeyan were already playing in the competition. 

This move is in the best interests for all parties we believe with reduced travel times not only for Wagga City but also the NSW State League clubs. It may also prove to be a better pathway to the FFA Cup competition for the club, as they won’t have to forfeit from being forced to travel for a 4pm mid week fixture.

This move takes the Capital Football competition to 10 teams however it will leave the NSW State League short changed with 11 sides. FNSW confirmed that it will be an 11 team competition with no other club in line to take their place. More comments on this will be down below.

We will continue to keep an eye on the Wagga boys and report on them, and see if their move will bring them success. We wish the club all the best and thank them for their support of this page over the years.

In terms of the NPL competitions, all of the point deductions that were handed out will still stand. This means that the following clubs will start the season with the following point deductions:

15 Points: 

Balmain Tigers

30 Points:

Bonnyrigg White Eagles
Granville Rage
Parramatta FC
Stanmore Hawks
WNSW Mariners
Gazy Auburn
Hawkesbury City
Prospect United

Now we know that FNSW plans to change the competiton to NPL 1-4 for the 2020 season with the 2019 season only taking into account the results from the 20s and 1st grade with 18s moving to Youth Grade.

If the plan stays the same, 3 clubs from NPL 2 and 5 from NPL 3 will be relegated to set in place NPL 1-3. From there, the top State League club will be promoted with the others left there having to prove themselves over a range of different aspects.

For some of these clubs, starting the competition with 30 points fewer than the other clubs may seal their fate. It may mean that WNSW who struggled this season get relegated to State League and could face the possibility of being left out of the competition structure moving forward (however we doubt that FNSW would neglect that region). 

It may mean that Bonnyrigg will be spending longer than planned in NPL 2, with the strength and competitiveness of NPL 2 and 3 on the rise.

At the moment there are 51 teams in the pyramid, meaning that 3 teams will be cut. What we see as being likely is that a few teams in close proximity to one another may merge to ensure mutual survival.

In saying that we are aware of interest from parties to join the NSW competition from underrepresented areas which we would love to see happen. However that doesn’t fit with the current plans meaning that there may be other forced mergers if these clubs ever see the light of day. We would love to see a potential club be given a run this year with just seniors, but it doesn’t appear our wish will be fulfilled.


On a final note, we are committed to expanding our coverage of footballing competitions and news across the state as we aim to be the hub of NSW football outside of the official channels. If you have news or an interest piece you would like us to run please do not hesitate to contact us.

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