NPL NSW? Try NPL Sydney

The name of the competition is the Playstation4 National Premiers Leagues NSW. However, it doesn’t feel right to say that it is a NSW competition.

From the 50 teams competing from NPL1 to State League, only 4 compete outside of the Sydney Metropolitan area:

  • Wollongong Wolves
  • Wagga City Wanderers
  • Western NSW Mariners
  • Central Coast Academy

From that list we have 1 team from Wollongong, 1 team from the Central Coast and 2 teams from rural NSW. Not very “New South Wales-y”.

Sir Jack Brabham Park – Orange. One of WSNM home grounds

There could potentially be many more teams from the Wollongong/Illawarra area, however the Illawarra Premier League is arguably the strongest competition outside of the NPL and State League pyramid, that the teams have no reason to join a NSW competition which would see increased travel cost and times, as well as other logistics and expenses.

We can already see with Wagga City and Western NSW Mariners having to travel 3-4 hours each way every 2nd week in the State League, the toll that has on players, and on the club financially. Whole days and weekends are lost, as the entire day is spent traveling, warming up and playing, it would be a hard sell for the Illawarra teams.

Likewise, the Central Coast has their own Premier League, with short travel teams for all clubs. Also not to mention the Northern NSW competition would have significantly less travel times than competing in the “Sydney” competition.

For the NSW NPL to truly become a NSW comp, teams from all across the state have to be included, regardless of the travel times and cost. Football NSW could even step in to help subsidise those costs for the clubs from rural NSW as this will help promote the game across the entire state.

Another option would be to entice a few clubs from the Illawarra away from Football South Coast to compete in the NPL. We have seen from the results of the IPL teams in the FFA Cup that they have what it takes to compete at the top levels.

Otherwise we may as well change it to NPL Sydney.

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