Granville Rage FC


Granville Rage FC are a football club based in the Western Sydney suburb of Granville.  Founded in 2000 and starting out as “Western Rage,” the club was first based in Prairiewood and played in the Southern Districts Association. Here they found it difficult to grow in terms of grass roots football due to the already sizable amount of junior clubs in the area.

Despite this setback, the Granville Districts Soccer Football Association, one of the oldest football associations in Australia, offered the Rage an opportunity for the club to achieve its goals of juniour development.  After negations with the association, the club was rebranded as Granville Rage and the club relocated to F.S Garside Park, a park that holds significance in association football. With the club’s relocation it meant that the district, which to many is regarded as the birthplace of fotoball in Australia, after many years had a State League club with the name “Granville” in operation.