NPL 3 Update

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Last night most of the NPL 3 round was player with only Bankstown City Lions v Sydney Uni still to play today.

This was how the Club Championship looked on Friday:

Since then the following has happened.

SD Raiders picked up 14 points.
GRM picked up 15 points
Parramatta picked up 3 points
Camden picked up 6 points
Dulwich Hill picked up 14 points
Hawkesbury picked up 5 points

So now we have:
Raiders – 296
GRM – 265
Bankstown City- 248 (still to play)
Dully – 195
Hawkesbury – 164
Camden – 161
Parra – 137
Rage – relegated
WNSW – relegated

With 5 rounds left to play there are 105 points left on offer. With Parramatta behind by 58 points, Dulwich needs a 47 point swing to relegate the former NPL1 and 2 club.

Of course it’s still possible for Sydney Uni to fall into the relegation zone but for now they’re safe.

For promotion Raiders have a 31 point lead over GRM and if we assume Lions take maximum points they will have a 27 point lead over them, so still more than a full round.

As we’ve been saying, GRM and Raiders will meet in the last round but Bankstown Lions have the easier draw where only Stanmore and Dunbar should trouble them.

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