Macarthur Rams FC

Macarthur Rams FC is based in Campbelltown, New South Wales. The club currently competes in the second division NPL New South Wales Men’s 2, and plays at Lynwood Park. The Rams were the NPL NSW Men’s 2 Soccer League 2014 champions.

The idea of forming a football association south of the crossroads at Liverpool was first discussed in 1979 and the Macarthur District Soccer Football Association was formed in 1983. In 1984, it became an incorporated body within Campbelltown, Camden and Wollondilly municipalities.

Over the years, the clubs have supported the Super League outside the control of the MDSFA with some relative success. In 1987, Campbelltown City Soccer Club and Campbelltown Districts Soccer Club joined, forming Campbelltown City and Districts Soccer Club, creating the possibility for negotiations between the Federation club of the area and the MDSFA. This led to the agreement between the MDSFA and Campbelltown City and Districts Soccer Club on the change in colours of both uniforms, which made an identifiable step of furthering soccer and providing a career path for better players. Campbelltown City and Districts played out of Bensley Road Complex and the Junior Representative Teams (Junior and Youth League) played out of Lynwood Park, St Helen’s Park, which is now the Headquarters and home ground of the Association. The Super League and the Association colours were changed to grey tops, maroon shorts and maroon socks.

​During the 1991 season, the Campbelltown City and Districts Soccer Club approached the MDSFA to discuss the transfer of their Federation team to the control of the Association. After an agreement had been reached between the parties, the Association approached the NSW Soccer Federation to ratify the agreement. From the 1992 season, the Macarthur Rams became the Federation team representing the Association, which boosted the profile of soccer in the Macarthur area and provided a goal for the young players in the District and a career path for the more talented players.

Club Honours:

  • NPL NSW Men’s 2: Winners 2014