Mariners/Milan Academy Partnership

The Mariners on Monday announced that they have started a relationship with the Milan Soccer School to implement a “Mariners Pro-Star Program” and no, this isn’t coming from North Shore Mariners or WNSW Mariners. (The Milan Academy is of no relation to AC Milan by the way).

The full article on the Mariners website can be viewed here.

It seems that Icardi has managed to get himself into bed with an A-League club this time, Central Coast Mariners.

You may remember that we have published information relating to the Milan Soccer School and Balmain Tigers, particularly the 13s where the team after “revolting” against the club and president was replaced by a team from the academy.

From the Mariners website; “Mariners ‘Pro-Star’ is an initiative that endorses high quality football programs. The objective of Pro-Star Programs is to provide high standard/specialised coaching for young aspiring footballers.”

The interesting thing about this, is that we, just like many others haven’t heard of kids that have been selected to go overseas that have been apart of the program. And if they have we definitely haven’t heard of any European clubs signing any kids.

Further in the article, the Mariners state “Pro-Star Programs operate in addition to club football training, not as a substitute, and those who excel in the Pro-Star environment may be identified and considered for future Mariners’ Academies.”

From our experience this translates to; “You do not need to be part of the academy to be part of the team, however if you want to get game time you must join.”

It is a shame considering the amount of talent that has come from CCM without the need to partner with an academy. In fact they already have what they call an academy in the NPL system.

It’s safe to say we are disappointed that they feel the need to partner with an external academy, but unfortunately that seems to be the way clubs are going now.

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