Grassroots Competitions Suspended until April 14

In case you missed the announcement, it’s in full here.

To summarise, all grassroots competitions and activities have been suspended by the FFA from midnight tonight until April 14th, with another assessment due before then.

Everything from NPL through to Miniroos and Futsal will be put on hold for the next 4 weeks with no games or training allowed to take place.

Whilst not all members of the community are treating COVID-19 as a risk, we understand the limiting the spread of the virus is the most important thing we can do right now before we start facing mass lock-down such as Italy and France.

So what will happen with competitions?

At a local levels it will mean shortened seasons at a minimum, with the potential of the whole season being cancelled pending further government and official advice. This would mean that registrations fees be refunded and see everyone again next year.

It is difficult to say what would happen at an NPL level if the season were to be cut short as it is all speculation at this stage.

It is likely that at a senior level midweek games would be played to catch up and ensure a full home and away season if the time frame allows it. Youth would most likely end up being a reduced season.

The FFA Cup competition is also brought into question as qualifiers have started and were meant to be continuing this week.

If time starts running out on the cup, again it is possible that the qualifiers are cut short and it would become a knockout between NPL clubs.

If it were limited to only NPL 1 and 2 for example, more midweek fixtures for the season proper could be played to get as much of that in as possible. If qualifiers were unable to be played altogether, it would certainly be interesting to see how they would determine the entrants into the round of 32.

In all these are uncertain times for everyone going forward. We encourage the footballing community to remain alert, not alarmed. Follow all official health and government advice including proper hygiene and social distancing.

We will endeavor to continue reporting as much information we can as it comes out and where we can, before it is announced publicly.

In the meantime we are looking at alternatives to get people throughout the next 4 weeks including live streaming Football Manager simulations and a FIFA tournament.

Yours in football,

The Clean Sheet.

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