Girls Conference League

We have been given some new information regarding the entrants into the girls conference league.

The rumour is that ESFA and Pagewood both applied for the league to ensure one of the two got in. However, they were not expecting to BOTH be accepted.

Allegedly the two clubs will be merging into the one which is a relief as otherwise it would mean 3 teams in one small location (Dunbar, Pagewood, ESFA).

In our view, clubs should not be making a mockery of the application process to try and ensure they get in, then pull out if the plan works too well. A possible solution would be to charge an application fee that is refundable after the completion of the first full round.

We have already seen point deductions/fines for clubs for non compliance with the application process for the 2019 season. It is only fair that the same should apply in this circumstance if it does eventuate.


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