Football’s lack of promotion is a huge issue according to fans.

A survey collected from hundreds of fans across multiple football groups on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, as well as various other football sites has revealed some interesting details from fans. 

One of the biggest talking points through the off season of the A-League was the lack of advertisement for the game, with many fans not even knowing when the league would start. 

Across all platforms where the survey was taken, the majority of them have listed the lack of promotion of the game being the number one most important issue. 

If we apply that to the NPL, we are getting closer every week with most teams social media at the very least keeping us informed, let along FNSW having their daily count down.

Other issues raised by fans were the lopsided draw, lack of games and football clubs facing bankruptcy and lack of stability from owners. 

As for where to expand next? The fans have spoken. 

When asked what NPL team they would support, Wolves appeared the most prevelant. 

With over 5 times as many mentions as any other NPL club. 

Also, When filtering the responses from fans who feel they are not close enough to existing A-League clubs, Wolves again appears prominently as the closest expansion franchise to the responder. 

Credit to Luke Bilby for providing the survey, the full survey can be found here: id=110JjgNO3xziCK13C5WykMuE92PQKSP 

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