Football NSW: Missing That Touch of Professionalism

Last night, I, as did as many as 1100 people at one point tuned in on Facebook to watch the stream of the APIA v SD Raiders game.

However my enthusiasm was very short lived with the stream going down after about 90 seconds, and stayed down the a majority of the first half in what was a thrilling match.

Credit: APIA Leichardt Tigers

Citing “technician difficulties ” no longer cuts the mustard, especially when football federation victoria are able to offer seamless streaming for their ffa cup ties.

Thankfully we were good for the second half and witnessed one hell of a football game, but imagine if we had’ve missed all that?

Credit: SD Raiders

On top of this, one must question the scheduling of the round 7 fixtures, the most important round that fnsw administers considering that 4 of the ties are tonight, the same night as Rugby Leagues State of Origin.

Talk about going up against the competition. If you give people the choice between watching SOO and heading down to watch park football, more times than not they’ll choose the SOO.

After all, we do live in NSW, the Rugby League State.

Couple this with a lack of advertising for these fixtures, they’re doing themselves no favours in boosting attendances.

Lastly, consider their changes to the NPL and State League competitions they’re proposing. Thankfully the Men’s look like they’ll have their State League next year, but the same might not be able to be said about the Women.

So we must consider the question, is football in NSW in the right hands? For all the money they have, FNSW needs to start putting the game before their politics or risk falling QLD and even further behind Victoria in terms of professionalism.


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