Football NSW Changes – An Update

It’s been just over a week since we broke the news that FNSW was looking at scrapping the State League in favour of focusing on 3 tiers of 14 NPL teams. Also only the other day we provided our thoughts on the Womens changes.

We have since gotten word from a few sources about the following:

  • Football NSW is delaying the changes to the Men’s competition for 12 months as they seek further consultation
  • This comes from feedback from the standing committees, to make a decision for the best of Football
  • There was about a 70-30 split looking for the reform
  • For the Women’s side, the State League teams have knocked back the changes for next season
  • They are set to tell FNSW they will go it their own way



Credit: Football NSW

The delay in the changes to the Men’s structure is a positive one. Especially after Queensland announced their own Premier League to go under the NPL with a 2 up, 2 down pro/rel system. The introduction of new teams is a step forward for Queensland and hopefully NSW can follow suit.

To scrap a whole division and effectively kill off 7 State League teams would be an absolute ludicrous decision. On top of this, we know of at least 1 club waiting on advice from FNSW on their State League application.

As we’ve been saying, the want to play in a State League is out there, so why deny clubs the opportunity? Thankfully at this stage it looks as though the State League will still be here for the 2018 season at least.


Credit: Football NSW

Whilst a move to 2 tiers on NPL each with 10 clubs is great, meaning there will be no byes in NPL 2, it is a crime that the State League teams are going to leave. This state needs more and stronger pathways for our women, and restricting a State League to under 17’s was never going to be the answer.

To think that 280 players, coach, managers will be gone from the system is very disheartening. Hopefully FNSW reviews the changes in the coming months, and decides to leave a State League with promotion and relegation to the NPL.

After all, with the threat of the Women’s AFL increasing, we cannot afford to turn these women away from our game.


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