Football NSW: Adding That Touch of Professionalism

Last year, we wrote this article; highlighting areas that FNSW could improve on, in order to better the quality of the game in NSW. Areas included live streaming games, scheduling of FFA Cup/Waratah Cup matches, and the proposed restructuring of the competition.

We are delighted to be able update our article 11 months later, and give credit to Football NSW for listening to the fans and bringing in a sweep of changes.

Firstly; the live streaming of games. Last year we we’re lucky enough to finally get one live game a week through the Facebook stream. This year we have been getting two live games a week, including NPL 2 matches.

Which we might add, that the production value is amazing. For a semi-pro league, it’s very on point with stats such as fouls and shots on target running through the game, as well as the professional commentary.

Could more be done and have all matches live streamed across Facebook/YouTube? Probably, as they film all the NPL 1 games anyway. However this would be done at an increased cost to FNSW, with little added benefit.

Credit: FNSW

The more games that are available to watch live at home, the less people will turn up to games in person. And we at The Clean Sheet love to see a big crowd.

We are sad to see that the weekly show has disappeared, but if it meant that we got the extra game a week, there’s no complaints from us.

The next issue that we had was the scheduling of games.

Last year we had crucial round 7 matches clashing with the State of Origin. This year, as long as the provisional dates aren’t changed then it appears we will avoid that disaster again. Good planning and common sense prevails.

Another one of our “complaints” was the uneven leagues in the NPL. FNSW has addressed this by making the controversial changes for next season, which I think many agree need to happen, despite the public backlash it has received.

Picture: Geoff Jones

Our hope was that it would be 4 tiers of 14, adding new teams into the pyramid. But, beggars can’t be choosers.

Our last complaint was advertising.

If we didn’t follow the NPL pages on Facebook/Twitter, one would have no idea that these games are on.

However, advertising can be a very expensive exercise, and is perhaps best left to the clubs.

Although for key clashes, especially round 7 of the FFA Cup, FNSW or the FFA should be footing the bill.

It would be great to see a half page dedicated to the NPL every week in the Herald or Telegraph though. One can dream.

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