Football Desperately Clinging to Hopes of Playing This Season

As we all know, footballing operations in this country were put on hold originally until April 14th where it would then be reassessed if play could continue/resume.

Yesterday, FFA announced that the hold would be continued until at least May 31st.

This seems very optimistic considering the police commissioner confirmed that the current legislation has a sunset clause of 90 days. Basically it means that training/play cannot resume/start before 29th of June this year, as football/grassroots sport does not fall within the requirements of a reasonable excuse to leave the house or an essential gathering.

For us it is quite simple what must happen:

Unfortunately, grassroots competitions must be cancelled for the 2020 season and all registrations fees be refunded either entirely or mostly. FNSW and the FFA must stop wasting registration fees as they sit around trying to figure out a solution during a global pandemic

That registration money could be vital for families where the parent/s have lost work due to closures in this time. It could be the difference in a family eating for a week or not.

Add in the fact that a lot of associations are in councils where fields are shared with summer sports, limiting the amount of weeks they have access to those fields for training and games.

Local sport does not have the luxury of the elite competitions to play at stadiums or owned venues.

In terms of elite competitions such as NPLY and NPL serious consideration must be given as to whether it is worth trying to get these competitions going again.

The amount of money parents spend on NPLY fees is already quite high, let alone not getting any training or game time from it.

In our view, all competitions should be cancelled this year with the aim of delivering an even better competition next season.

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