FNSW Competition Reboot – Highlights

Today FNSW announced their plans for a competition reboot for the 2019 season onward. Much of what was announced was expected, as it is very similar to the plans we leaked last year.

Before we do a full in-depth analysis, we thought it might be best to “highlight” some of the major changes.

Mens Seniors

  • 4 tiers of NPL with 12 clubs per tier
  • 1.5 teams up/down for promotion/relegation with 2nd last teams to play off against team from division below
  • Seniors only consisting of 20s and 1st grade with 18s moving to youth
  • Promotion/Relegation based solely on the standings of 1st grade

Boys Youth

  • 4 tiers of Youth NPL with 12 clubs per tier
  • 13s, 14s, 15s, 16s, 18s
  • Promotion/Relegation to be 1 up/down consisting of a club championship where all teams have equal weighting
  • 13s not counted in club championship – considered “pre-youth”
  • Youth to operate pro/rel independently of seniors.

AYL – Unchanged


  • To be scrapped, going back to the associations. See our previous posts in regard to this point.

Entry into the 2019 competition will be determined on a number of factors.

  • Financials to be in order
  • Must have ownership of their own home ground or a lease/tenure of their home ground for a minimum of 1 year, preferably 3
  • Applicant clubs must be run separately to FNSW Member and must be separate legal entities
  • Must be a commitment to field teams across all grades
  • 10th-14th in NPL 3 and 2nd-12th in State League will be assessed on performance, long term investment/contribution to football and geographical location to other clubs

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