FNSW Backflip

Football NSW on Friday confirmed that the “competition reboot” that was scheduled to be implemented next season has in fact been moved back to the 2020 season instead.

This also isn’t the first time that the governing body has pushed it’s planned changes back.

We reported last year that there we’re plans to go to 3 tiers of 14 teams, however that was ultimately scrapped.

When these new changes were announced, we welcomed the planned changes, particularly the 4 tier structure and renaming State League to NPL 4.

However it appears that it may all change again for the 2020 season. One change we would love to see, although the NPL 1 sides are opposed to it, is to have 4 tiers of 14 teams, allowing 56 teams in total into the competition.

However, we do see it as a positive step to move the changes back a year. To attempt to introduce changes to a competition, in which the current season will have a massive impact on (promotion/relegation) was an outlandish decision.

If we break it down; associations were given little notice that SAP would be put back onto them.

NPL Youth teams had already recruited and played matches with a focus on long term development of the kids, instead of with the aim of winning the competition. Whilst we think that the current youth set up is way overdue for an overhaul, we would prefer the time being taken to implement it properly.

Seniors changes meant that clubs had already recruited for the season, perhaps with survival in mind instead of winning the competition for promotion, the survival game changed in NPL 2 and 3, with 3 and 5 teams being relegated respectively.

Hopefully in 2020 we can see a well structured competition for both the men and the boys (throw in fixing the girls too whilst you’re at it).

And maybe by then, the clubs will have figured out the best way to replace their SAP cash cows.

Football NSW Update: Mens’ and Boy’s Competition Reboot

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