FNSW 2020 NPL 4 Criteria

It’s finally been released!

The criteria for the sides that finish 10-14th in the NPL 3 and 2nd-11th in the State League Club Championships for entry into NPL 4 next season.

The full document can be found here: 2020 NPL 4 Criteria

Earlier on this year we released this article with our predictions as to the clubs that will get the axe, so let’s talk about the criteria and measure it up against our predictions.

Firstly, the criteria. It’s been broken up into 6 main areas with some sub categories after that, with a max of 5 points to be earned per item.

Performance and Participation of Teams 50%

This is pretty self explanatory, the better you have performed over the last 3 years the more points you will earn for the criteria. Finishing positions and level of competition is a no brainer and weighs towards the clubs dropping down from NPL 3. The youth component worth 10% of the 50% (so 5%) hurts those clubs not running a youth program at all. The longevity portion also seems to favour clubs with history i.e. Hurstville FC for instance.

One interesting aspect to point out is that clubs can earn a point if they have not competed in the last 3 years across all that criteria, and the box hasn’t been blacked out like others. We are assuming from here on out that this confirms Southern Branch’s intentions to run a mens program, therefore allowing them to be ranked across the criteria.

Geographic Density 15%

This is another category we knew to expect, and one that would carry a bit of weight to it. It has been broken into the ratio of clubs to players in the association boundary and proximity of other NPL/SL clubs if one is removed.

Basically the more players in your local association the better, and the fewer clubs that are close to you the better. So for example the St George association has around 8000 registered players and has the 2 St George sides, the 2 Hurstville sides and Rockdale City, whereas Canterbury has 17000 players with 7 clubs. Clearly Hurstville is a prime target to loss points on the criteria here, whilst Southern Branch and WNSW would both get maximum points due to no other clubs near them.

Coaching 15%

Interesting criteria area, especially having a 15% weighting, but understandable. The higher qualified your coaches, the more points you get with full marks coming if your 18s, 20s and 1sts coaches all have their pro licence.

Again, interesting criteria but seems reasonable.

Facilities 5%

We were certain that this would carry more weight considering that there’s a few dud fields out there, and there’s a number of clubs without their own home (Hurstvilles, Balmain, etc).

So playing facilities within their association boundary – hurts the nomadic clubs that travel around season to season with new homes as well as clubs playing out of area. Another sensible approach to ensure that clubs remain local.

Number of consecutive years the club has played at the same home field apart from renovations rewards clubs that have either long leases or their own ground. For example Lions wouldn’t lose points for having to play elsewhere due to the pitch upgrade.

Local Area 5%

Maybe could have come under facilities and have a different category name, but either way it’s there.

This criteria rewards clubs that field teams in local association comps as well as having a large number of players in the local association.

Governance and Compliance 10%

This seems to be the mixed bag of all the criteria points with 7 items falling under this category.

First up is the finance which is worth 4%, ensuring that clubs submit on time with no issues. So those clubs that have had CC point deductions will lose a couple of percentage points here.

Fair Play; the amount of yellows and reds accumulated across the 3 seniors grades the last 3 years. Imagine getting the boot based on a couple of extra red cards. Not sure on this one but it’s 2% across the two sub points so not a big deal.

Policies and procedures; Basically rewards clubs for having their websites up to date with all relevant policies. Honestly this shouldn’t even be a point as all clubs should have all the policies linked separately on their websites. It’s not that difficult.

MPIO status, again only another 1%, ensuring that the MPIO is all up to date with everything. Fairly standard stuff but apparently not enough so that they have allocated 1% of the criteria to it.

Lastly comes the one that we were scratching our heads at, and not because of the criteria, but because it maybe should have been worth more – Website/Public “shopfront” as of round 1 this season.

There’s a whole another on clubs social media usage and the basics that every club should be doing, which we’ll write up soon but we want to draw your attention to this point.

“Club has all of the following Website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram plus another social media account.” to get the full 1% here.

So unless the club at the start of the year had youtube or snapchat they’ll lose a point. We’ll be having some fun with this later on.

So now that the criteria has been established, let’s consider the teams we had picked as getting the axed against it.

FC Gazy Auburn

Not only have they languished in the bottom half of the CC standings the last few years, they have no youth and are close to a number of other clubs in the area. Their social media is lacking and their saving grace is their own field, but they’ll lose enough points under the performance criteria to see them head to association level next season.

Western Condors

Again, they have the issue of no youth so will hurt there, as well as the problem of being in the bottom of the CC standings. They’re playing out of area, although have a fairly long history that will see them pick up a few points. Much like Gazy based on their performance and facilities, they’re likely candidates to be cut.

Hurstville Minotaurs

Looking at the criteria set up, there is a lot that work against the Hurstville side. Sub par performances, no youth, no home ground, plenty of clubs around them, it appears that they’ll be given their marching orders, especially if Hurstville FC pick up enough points to not be in the bottom 4.

Hurstville ZFC

No youth, no home ground, played a lot of seasons in State League. Long history which will see them pick up points in key categories of the criteria, but again would have to not be in the bottom 4 once marked on the criteria.U

Based on the criteria, who do you think will be getting the cut now that we know a little more?

We hope to get our own marking done over the next week or two time permitting, but if anyone wants to help out please reach out to us via DM.

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