FFA Cup Preliminary Rounds Coverage

It sucks.

No really, it does.

The coverage of the preliminary rounds of FFA Cup matches in NSW is subpar compared to other federations. Take ACT for example, a lot of their matches get streamed through Bar Sports. Football Queensland give updates through their official page.

In NSW for some results it is nigh impossible to find the full time score let alone updates.

A lot of association clubs, and even NPL clubs for that matter update a Facebook post or tweet when a goal is scored or at HT/FT. When NPL sides aren’t doing it, it’s hard to expect association sides to.

Often times it comes down to fan run pages like ours, NPL Banter or Wollongong Football show to update everyone, or to have a post where attendees can post updates.

We’ve said it before, it’s not hard to throw up a simple Facebook post saying updates will be posted in the comments and follow it up with 67th minute, Team X 1 – 0 Team Y.

We ran a poll asking our audience if they think FNSW should be doing more to promote the games and with 367 votes it is a staggering 96% yes.

One live stream per night or even week would be an huge step in the right direction. Something even better is a post from the official channels either like our own where fans can comment the scores or have the official scores posted would be even better to start with.

Not to mention better advertising of the games in general from the official channels.

In short, it is ridiculously hard to find some scores to keep everyone updated and we really wish that wasn’t the case. Please clubs, post your score updates, even just for our sake.

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