FFA Cup Imports – Realistic or Just Hype?

Every year around this time of the cup there is always talk of an NPL side signing an international star.

Wollongong Wolves were in talks with Ronaldinho the other year for their game vs Sydney FC.

Heidelberg United signed Greek captain Kostas Katsounaris for their match vs Melbourne City in 2015… which they lost 5-0. However they did draw an extremely good crowd of 11,300.

Green Gully tried to get Ante Covic down for their game, in which they had to play their GK coach after a series of unfortunate events.

And like clock work, we have had 2 stories this season; APIA trying to sign Totti and Avondale made contact with Andrea Pirlo. Both legends that would have to come out of retirement to play.

In Totti’s case he would have to break his status of being a one club man. Now I’m not saying adding APIA to your resume is bad, but it’s not worth losing your one club status over.

With so much criticism of the A-League, in particular the Mariners over their trial of Bolt, why is there not the same outcry over these stunts?

According to the majority, Bolt isn’t good enough to earn a contract, and Pirlo and Totti won’t come. Yet there isn’t the same level of criticism.

Even ageing stars get complained about as they are taking away the spot from a youngster that has been busting his ass for years to try and become a professional footballer.

So where is the rage that there is a possibility of an ageing Pirlo/Totti taking a cup spot away from a squad player that has played in every match of the cup campaign or even throughout their NPL season?

For many of these players, this quarter final match against A-League opposition is either the biggest match of their career so far, or may be their biggest match for their career all together.

So we put the question to you, is it not the same thing? Is it right to argue for one but not the other? Is it acceptable to be angry that Bolt would take a spot away from an Aussie youth player, but not that Totti could take the place of potentially the same kid in a lower league?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


Avondale FC host Sydney FC this Wednesday night, 7.30pm at ABD Stadium.

APIA Leichhardt Tigers host Adelaide United next Wednesday night, 7.30pm at Leichhardt Oval.

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