Fairfield Bulls History Documents

We’ve received some interesting pieces of Bulls history here.

First up we have a programme from their 1995 season, from their game against Liverpool City on the 1st of August.

Next up is a really interesting piece of history. It is the proposal from Western (Granville) Rage to run the Bulls youth to free up some time for the club to manage their seniors program.

Obviously the proposal did not go ahead, but it is a relic of what could have been.

We would like to thank the lads at Fairfield Bulls for these pieces, make sure you check them out here: Website


Also, we would like to put this proposal out there:

We believe that football history in NSW has been neglected, much like the rest of the country. However there are plenty of places across the net that have pieces here and there, and many people with programmes, flyers, etc that need a home for all to see and enjoy that are catalogued properly.

We would like to put together a website and a team to properly manage the history documents of football in NSW and possibly expand out to the rest of Australia. This way information can be properly stored, kept and organised in such a way that others may be able to easily and readily access it.

If you would be interested in joining the project, please reach out to us on our socials or at thecleansheetwebsite@gmail.com. We would also be looking at sponsors to come on board to provide funding for the project to cover site costs and maintenance, the collection of data and the time taken to upload and sort through everything.

Alternatively, if you have something interesting you would like shared, we are more than happy to post it on our page. We, like many other enjoy reading and learning about soccer from yesteryear.

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