Club Championship Overview – June week 3

Another round has gone by, and again we have a few changes across the grades in terms of promotion and relegation candidates. Let’s take a look at the current situation:


Blacktown City and APIA Leichhardt continue their battle at the top of the championship this week, although Blacktown has broken away somewhat after defeating the Wolves whilst APIA suffered an unexpected loss to Bonnyrigg.

Speaking of Bonnyrigg, their win on the weekend brings them to 93 points, which is 39 ahead of Parramatta FC. Parramatta who only picked up 1 point from their U18s against Sydney Olympic are stuck at the bottom on 54 points. The change of manager and player walk out certainly has done the club no favours, and only a miracle could save them from relegation now.

In fact, it is unlikely Melita will crack 80 points in the championship this season. So at the risk of being premature, congratulations for surviving the drop White Eagles.


With the series of washouts lately, the Club Championship isn’t 100% accurate, as there are a number of clubs with games in hand. However it doesn’t change much for the most part.

Marconi is still way out in front with a 28 point lead over Western Sydney Wanderers. This comes after the Wanderers shock 1-1 draw with Spirit FC, whilst the Stallions picked up a win over relegation battlers Bankstown Berries. That isn’t to say that the Wanderers, Northern Tigers or Central Coast can’t still fight for promotion, but it is Marconi’s to lose at this stage.

In the survival fight, the two Bankstown sides are still battling it out with City on 77 points and Berries on 90 points. In saying that, City showed that they aren’t out of it with their win over WSW last week, and the Berries still have a lot of fight left in them, meaning that Macarthur Rams and Spirit FC will have to watch their backs as they sit on 108 and 116 points respectively.

The final stretch of the season is becoming much more interesting, as we have a 4 way relegation battle on our hands. Who will be the unlucky team to find themselves competing in NPL 3 next year?

The following are the games in hand:

Spirit FC – 1 x 1st grade. 1 x U20s. 1 x U18s.
Bankstown Berries – 2 x 1st grade. 1 x U20s. 1 x U18s.
WSW – 1 x U20s.
Marconi – 1 x U20s.
Central Coast – 1 x U20s. 1 x U18s.


Much like the NPL 2, the NPL 3 is riddled with washed out games to be made up so the championship may be a little hard to dissect. However we will continue on with it anyway!

Up the top Rydalmere has stretched out to 254 points, a 16 point lead over fierce rivals Fraser Park, who are on 238 points. Both teams 1st grade sides picking up convincing wins over the weekend. However Rydalmere still has a full round of catch up games to be played where they can pick up a maximum 21 points. It certainly helps Rydalmere that their U18s are contributing 30 points compared to Fraser Parks 16.

In our relegation battle that we have seen flip flop between Granville Rage and Balmain Tigers, Granville spend another week at the bottom. They do have 4 games in hand, however they are 14 points behind Balmain. Their win on the weekend coming at the perfect time, when it looked as though the Tigers might have started to put some distance between the two teams.

Not too far in the clear remains Western NSW mariners on 95 points (who Granville beat), Inter Lions on 101 points and Stanmore Hawks on 107 points. Not unlike the NPL 2, we may have a 4 way tussle on our hands in the relegation battle, as well as an intense top 2 fight for promotion.

The following are the games in hand:

Fraser Park – 1 x 1st grade. 1 x U20s. 1 x U18s.
Granville Rage – 1 x 1st grade. 1 x U20s. 1 x U18s.

State League

Rain has really been our enemy the past few weeks, as the State League much like the rest has had plenty of wash outs.

After 10 rounds, UNSW is still holding their lead over Bankstown United. Their 12 point margin comes thanks to their U20s who are killing their competition, whereas Bankstown’s are sitting mid table.

Staking their claim for promotion as well is Nepean FC on 138 points, up from 119 last week. Camden Tigers although they seem far behind, their 30 point deficit from UNSW can be made up through their 6 games in hand.

The following are the games in hand:

UNSW – 1 x U18s.
Bankstown -1 x U20s. 1 x U18s.
Nepean – 1 x 1st grade. 1 x U20s. 1 x U18s.
Camden – 2 x 1st grade. 2 x U20s. 2 x U18s.


Note: The games in hand listed are only the ones related to teams close to promotion/relegation positions.

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