Club Championship Overview – June week 2


Not much has really changed at the top of the championship. Blacktown hold their lead over APIA, only this time it has shortened to 9 points.

However down the bottom, Bonnyrigg made very little ground in escaping Parramatta. They picked up 6 points on the weekend, whilst Parramatta has 4 games in hand, although 3 of those is a full round against Rockdale, where they will be lucky to pick up 1 point under their new coach. Either way time is running out for Parramatta to pull off an escape.


The NPL 2 is a little harder to gauge thanks to the washouts, meaning that there are still a few games left to play. However Marconi went into this round with only a 10 point lead over Western Sydney Wanderers. After WSW’s embarassing loss to Bankstown City however, Marconi have jumped out to a 24 point lead. Surely Marconi will be the team promoted at the end of the season at this rate.

Northern Tigers made up some ground gaining 18 points to go to 199, 25 behind Marconi and then just behind them is the Central Coast with 195 points. Keep in mind though Marconi and WSW have 1 game in hand and CCM has 2 games in hand, so anything can still happen.

Bankstown City are starting to build their nest at the bottom of the table, although they gained a little ground to go to 74 points now. Bankstown Berries who have a 14 point lead have 4 games in hand including a full round against Spirit FC. Again, anything can happen in the last 11 rounds of the season.


Take this weeks update with a grain of salt, as Fraser Park had their whole round against Granville Rage washed out. One would assume Fraser would pick up max points against Granville, however anything can happen in football.

For now though Rydalmere have jumped back into 1st with a 10 point lead. Wins from their U20s and 1st grade helping out the club, whereas the U18s failed to pick up points. At this stage it really is down to the two sides at the top, the rest will fight it out for the remaining finals places at the end of the season.

Granville Rage are still at the bottom and in the relegation zone, however they do have their round against Fraser Park, where they may score a few points. Thankfully for them Balmain only hold a 9 point lead after failing to get many points against SD Raiders.

WNSW Mariners picked up 10 points this week to take them to 86 whilst Inter Lions picked up 15 to pull them up to 96 points. Finally Stanmore Hawks picked up 14 points, and all is looking as though they will avoid relegation this year. Overall it has been a good week for the teams near the bottom of the table, apart from Granville and Balmain, where surely one of those two sides will face the drop.

State League

Turning our attention now to what is becoming our favourite league, the State League. UNSW holds their lead over Bankstown United, now with a 17 point lead. Bankstown has 2 games in hand and UNSW has 1 game (U18s). UNSW will be keen to be promoted to reignite their rivalry with fellow academic team Sydney Uni.

In 3rd sits Nepean FC on 119 points who have a full round in hand against Camden Tigers who are on 114 points, but also have a round in hand against Auburn. So either teams could take 2nd spot on the championship. At the moment the race for promotion is wide open, and looks like it might remain that way for the 2nd half of the season.

Baring a monumental collapse of the top sides, the race for promotion is down to the top 4 teams. Obviously though we will get a better picture once all the catch up games have been played.

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