Club Championship Overview – June week 1


The top 4 have stayed pretty much where they were from last week, with Blacktown still leading although opening their gap from 8 to 13 thanks to a win from their U20s whilst APIAs 20s lost.

In the relegation battle, Parramatta is slowly putting one hand on the spoon, anchored to the bottom on 51 points, up 3 from last week from the win from their 18s. Bonnyrigg moved to 62 points to make the gap 11 with a win from their U20s team.

At this stage it’s safe to say that Hakoah and Sutherland will remain safe, Sutherland with their juniors doing so well and Hakoah doing modestly in 1st grade. Sydney FC are also moving away from the bottom, gaining 21 points this week to move to 127.


Marconi went into this round with a 15 point lead over 2nd placed Western Sydney. Their lead this week is now just 10 with their only points coming from U20s whilst the Wanderers picked up wins in all 3 grades.

Central Coast are also making a strong play to gun for promotion sitting with 184 points as Northern Tigers are keeping pace with 181 points.

Bankstown Berries will be very happy after the weekend, with wins from the U20s and 1st grade against rivals Bankstown City sending them out to a 27 point over last placed Lions. If the rest of the season goes accordingly, that win from the Berries may just keep them up in the NPL 2.


In what has been a back and forth affair between Fraser Park and Rydalmere Lions, Fraser Park hold what is possibly the largest lead of the season (at least in the last few weeks) with an 8 point lead over Rydalmere. The clubs are on 223 and 215 points respectively, and with the next best placed St George City on 170 points, no one is catching them.

The dreaded relegation to State League and potential future consequences is still being fought by a few clubs. Granville Rage picked up 0 points on the weekend to fall back into last as the Balmain Tigers picked up a win in the U20s and a draw in the U18s. Rage are on 63 whilst Tigers are now on 68.

Still not safe though are Western NSW Mariners who only managed an U20s draw to move to 76 points, Inter Lions SC who picked up an U18s win to go to 81 points and Stanmore Hawks who sit on 90 points.


State League

The fierce battle in the State League rages on as UNSW retain their lead, now with 123 points picking up almost maximum points with wins from the U20s and 1st Grade, whilst their 18s had a draw. Former leaders Bankstown United have fallen back to 4th overall now with 112 points after gaining 17 points.

Nepean are now sitting 2nd overall with 119 points, after wins coming from their make up game against Prospect, and on the weekend. They now sit 4 points shy of UNSW, and Camden Tigers who have a round in hand against Gazy Auburn sit in 3rd on 114 points. One would have to assume they would pick up maximum points against Auburn due to their forms this year, which would propel the Tigers to the top of the table.

Overall in the State League, the teams are fighting for survival, and after 8 rounds the race is as close as ever, with no signs of a breakaway team yet.

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