Club Championship Overview – July Week 5


Blacktown are 23 points ahead, meaning that 19 more points and they will crowned the best club in the NPL across all 3 grades. APIA still have a chance to claim that title, especially as the two clubs will be facing off against each other this weekend.


With 4 rounds to go there is no surprises who is still at the top of the table. Marconi are out in front with a 58 point lead, meaning only 26 points are needed to secure promotion.

Well that would be the case, except Wanderers and Mariners have a catch up game to play, meaning that if Wanderers win all 3 grades they would move to 291 points, meaning Marconi would require 30 points to secure promotion. It is possible for Marconi to get the necessary swing this weekend, although it is more likely they will achieve it in 2 weeks time.

Down the other end, Bankstown City are now 65 points behind Bankstown Berries, meaning that another 19 points will seal their fate. So if Berries win this weekend in first grade and Lions lose, Lions will be confirmed to be joining NPL 3 next season.


After a crazy weekend in which Rydalmere and Fraser Park both dropped points in first grade, the difference is down to 18 points. IF Fraser win all 3 grades against Granville, they will take a 3 point lead with 5 rounds remaining.

In the relegation battle, we are no closer to determine who will be going down to State League. Granville sit bottom of the table on 98 points whilst Balmain are just keeping their noses in front with 110 points. Mathematically everyone from Dunbar down could drop, although one would imagine it will be out of Granville and Balmain.

State League

If you thought that we’d be without drama in one out of the four leagues, you’d be mistaken. After a shock draw with Western Condors, Camden Tigers hold a 22 point going into the final 2 rounds of the competition.

Camden Tigers and Nepean also face off next weekend, meaning wr could see a winner take all game in 1st grade.

So make sure if you can, get out to the game next week as it should be a classic.

On the bottom end, Gazy Auburn have shocked everyone and for the first time this season have worked their way off the bottom of the table with Wagga City taking their place.

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