Club Championship Overview – July Week 1


Blacktown is absolutely dominating the Club Championship now with a staggering 50 point lead over APIA. As well as this, Blacktown are currently 1st on the table and only need 1 point to secure a finals spot.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Parramatta is going down at the end of the season. Unless Sydney FC have another incident with their fans and they get automatically relegated, the Eagles will be playing in NPL 2 next season and probably for the foreseeable future. Bonnyrigg has more than double the points that Melita has, and with 5 rounds left, they will be feeling no danger of slipping at all. Even if they did lose every game for the rest of the season, it would require Parramatta to actually win some points.


Last week Marconi were on 260 points. This week after a win for 1st grade they move to 272 points, whilst the Wanderers made up a lot of ground, winning in all three grades to put themselves back into 2nd. With 8 rounds left the race is still open, and Marconi may start to feel a little pressure. The Northern Tigers are still very much in the race picking up 9 points on the weekend, and will be disappointed that’s all they managed to get, with Marconi dropping points in 18s and 20s.

Bankstown Berries have once again put a bit of ground between themselves and Bankstown City, with their lead swinging back out to 18 points after a strong win in 1st grade. There seems to be a feeling in Bankstown that both clubs may be able to escape relegation, and with Macarthur sitting on 138 points, they are very catch-able by both clubs.


Rydalmere hold onto top spot for another week, although with their lead slimming down to just 10 points and Fraser have a round in hand against bottom placed Granville Rage. After Fraser Park there is then a 76 point gap to third place St George City, who have to be very proud of their accomplishments this season.

All eyes will be on the Rydalmere v Fraser Park game in 3 weeks, where the winner will have a huge advantage going into the final round of the season. If Fraser Park win both that round and their catch up against Granville, they will be heavy favourites for promotion.

Down the bottom, nothing much has changed with the bottom 4 teams. Granville picked up 2 points, Balmain had three losses, Inter Lions picked up 3 points and Western NSW won 2 points. All 4 clubs are in danger of relegation, although the money is surely on either Balmain or Granville to join State League next season.

State League

Each week I look at the Club Championship in the State League hoping that one club is going to break away from the rest to give me a clear favourite for promotion. This week is no exception with the top 4 clubs all within 30 points.

Bankstown continue their hold on the top spot with 187 points with UNSW trailing on 174 points.

Nepean FC continue their race moving to 164 points whilst Camden Tigers have the potential to come out of nowhere and surpass everyone with their 2 rounds in hand.

With 6 rounds left, the race for promotion is very much on.

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