Championship Point Deductions – Are They Fair?

We thought it might be fun to take a look at the point deductions handed out by FNSW at the start of the year for various administrative issues.

9 clubs were handing point deductions (10 if you count Wagga) with 8 of them being a 30 point Championship reduction and one 15 point reduction.

Now, is it fair to punish the players, coaches, TDs for administrative/compliance errors? We would argue no. However, we do understand the need for strict compliance, although we feel a fine may have sufficed for the most part.

In the NPL 2 competition Bonnyrigg copped a 30 point reduction to start the season and it took them a few weeks to get into the positives.

With the 30 points back they would be 55 points behind the leaders, and have a sniff at promotion. It may have also altered the mindset of the club without the monkey on their back, and may have boosted them further up.

There is no denying though that the additional 30 points would guarantee them safety at this point, and it would have been very harsh to be relegated for compliance issues left over from the previous board.

In the NPL 3 competition 5 teams were hit with reductions and for the most part it seemed as though they would be the 5 to be relegated. Alas Stanmore have bucked that trend, however the additional 30 points would put them 2nd in the Club Championship standings with a real shot at promotion.

Whilst the extra points wouldn’t have helped WNSW or Rage, Parramatta and Hawksebury really could use them right now. 30 extra points would but the Hawks 1 point behind Dully with safety in their sights, whilst Parramatta would be better situated to fight for their safety and against a never before seen triple relegation.

Again we understand that the Parramatta issues occured from a previous board.

Finally in the State League, none of the 3 sides that received reductions will come anywhere close to promotion, however with points being allocated based on CC finishing over the last 3 years, there is the possibility that a club like Balmain may lose a point for a slightly worse finish, however we don’t believe it will be an issue for them.

In all we believe that FNSW were wrong in handing out point deductions for admin errors, and it certainly may come back to bite some teams in the rear.

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