CC Update

Blacktown still well out in front despite being behind in 1sts thanks to dominant performances from 18s and 20s.

Hakoah well back by a total of 42 points or two full rounds of 21 points. Despite strong recent signings they have a massive mountain to climb if they have any hope of catching up to the pack, especially consider other relegation candidates Sutherland Sharks have gone crazy with their buys in the transfer window.

Interestingly, last years champions Sydney Olympic have slipped back to 2nd last and are in danger of dropping if Hakoah string some wins together in 1sts. Olympic 18s are woeful so won’t be getting many points there.

Rangers and Sharks should be safe based on recent signings putting the battle down to Olympic and Hakoah.

The two sides face off tomorrow and Belmore and a sweep by Olympic would all but seal Hakoah’s fate whereas a Hakoah sweep gets them right back into contention for survival.

Western Sydney remain as promotion favourites and should extend their lead when they face Spartans.

NS Mariners are a good 27 points behind and desperately need some wins to stay in the game. Playing against Rams this weekend so should have no issue finding the points needed.

Spirit are much in the same boat, just staying in the conversation with Mounties and Hills not that far off from there. At this point we’re getting into the realm of 40-50 points behind Wanderers though and with their form it’s hard to see them falter.

Berries, St George and Rams are all still in the relegation zone with Bonnyrigg slowly breaking away.

Berries are all but gone; 57 points from safety and play St George this weekend, who are 20 points from safety. If Berries don’t sweep Saints consider them gone, whereas a Saints sweep keeps their hopes of remaining in PL 2 alive.

Rams, Bonnyrigg and Rydalmere will spend the remainder of the season fighting to avoid the 3rd relegation spot. Bonnyrigg plays Mounties, Rams play NS Mariners and Lions play Spirit, who are all well ahead on the table so every point gained this week will be very, very valuable.

The Macedonian Millionaires came out of last weekend on top still with an 11 point lead over Raiders and a 21 point lead over Gladesville Ryde Magic.

Dunbar are 32 points back now with Bankstown United only 5 points back from that, so I’m not willing to rule them out just yet.

Of course we have the Bankstown Derby tonight where both sides will be out to grapple for every point on offer, and 21 from United blows the competition wide open again.

Magic who dominated the opening rounds are still doing quite well for themselves and will fancy the chance to take the full 21 against a woeful Granville Rage. With the Bankstown derby taking place, this is a great chance for the club to make some ground on the leaders.

SD Raiders and Dunbar square up and Raiders will see this as an excellent opportunity to have another go at the lead if Lions falter. Dunbar are in danger of slipping out of the race if they drop all 21 points on offer.

Let’s cut to the chase. Mariners and Rage are both gone, there’s no debating that they have a chance of staying up.

Parramatta FC are 57 points from safety and take on Inter Lions this weekend. There’s the chance to take some points there considering recent signngs, but they’re a long outside chance of survival.

Camden Tigers are 44 points away and with under-performing youth will be relying on a win streak from 1sts if they have any hope. Sydney Uni will be a tough test and a wipe could seal their fate this weekend.

Hawkesbury City are 32 points away, a round and a halfs worth. Facing a strong Stanmore Hawks is the last thing the club would want. The saving grace is that from 4th-9th there is a gap of only 37 points. If they can find their way up there they have a decent chance at survival.

CCU hold a 30 point lead over Fraser Park at the current time, and from memory held a similar lead at this point over Bankstown United.

Round 17 is when the two clubs meet and that day has the potential to decide who will be promoted and therefore be safe from extinction from the state comps.

Fraser take on Prospect and CCU travel down to UNSW. A slip from either club could be disastrous.

South Coast Flame are simply too far behind to have any hope of catching up, leaving it again to a two horse race.

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