Blacktown Spartans Future – Or Lack Thereof

*We would like to stress that these are only reports that we have heard, with the information coming from sources that choose to remain anonymous for there protection.*

It’s never a slow day for football in NSW.

Just when we thought we might be able to get an early night’s sleep for our day jobs, Culina gets sacked from SU58.

And now we have another story to bring you that may, or may not be surprising depending on how well you know the club.

There are reports that Blacktown Spartans are set to pull out of the NPL competition.

Players haven’t been paid in weeks, the head coach of the women left mid week on the back of an 8-1 loss.

It is doubtful that they will survive to the end of the year, particularly with large amounts of money owed to the players, who are by all accounts “over it”.

And to think that only a few years ago they were paying players in excess of $2,000 a week to not win the title.

It will be good news to clubs below them on the pyramid however, if they withdraw from the NPL competition, as there will be an increased likelihood that they may survive.

Time will tell what will happen with the club, whether the players walk out, whether they fold mid season or at the end, and whether a new club will come in to take their place.

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