Association of Australian Football Clubs (AAFC) Board Members Elected

The Association of Australian Football Clubs (AAFC) have announced the first members to be elected to the AAFC Board. The AAFC was formed in early 2017 to represent the interests of National Premier League (NPL) clubs Australia wide, with support not only from each of the member federations but also of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and FIFA. They have reignited healthy debate and discussion about the current state of tiered football below the A-League and seeks to work in conjunction with Football Federation Australia (FFA) to bring about a unified nationwide second division and the possibility of promotion and relegation.

The people elected to the first AAFC board are:

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
Jon Thiele

New South Wales (NSW)
Gino Marra

Northern New South Wales (NNSW)
Christo Patsan

Queensland (QLD)
Rabieh Krayem

South Australia (SA)
Amin Ayoubi

Tasmania (TAS)
Victoria Morton

Victoria (VIC)
Dean Hennesey

Western Australia (WA)
Gary Marochi

Please note Northern Territory has no NPL system, hence no representation on the AAFC Board.  Football Federation Northern Territory (FFNT) is looking to adopt a model similar to that of the NPL sometime in the future.

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