Angry Boomers Ruin Local Sport

You may have seen in the news that Mckellar Park in Canberra is unable to play games under lights because of complaints.

Now a normal would think it would take a number of complaints for such drastic action to be taken, especially considering the investment put into the light towers and the very nature of the lights being to be used, well, at night.

Alas all it has taken is for 2 complaints for the local club to stop playing night games there, and has even brought about the early end to games for fear of having to finish under the lights.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen a ridiculous complaint. One comparison that draws to mind is the noise complaints by residents that live next to Luna Park.

At the end of the day, you’ve bought a house nearby a sports field and if a bit of light is going to stop you from going to bed at 6pm, I can’t imagine what your complaints are about the sun in summer.

Hopefully common sense prevails and we can see the return of night fixtures to the ground.

Have any stories of complaints against grassroots football? Maybe residents are angry about balls going into their yard and have written to their local paper? Let us know about it!

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