All Stars Games: We Have the Perfect Idea

The A-league has experimented with All Star games in the past: 2013 v Man U and 2014 v Juventus before the concept was scrapped.

The format is popular in a few leagues across the world, with the K-League and MLS coming to mind.

We know the format is not everyone’s cup of tea, with the idea of bringing together players and fans of rival teams being a strange one, especially given the magnitude of some of the rivalries.

However, if the format were to be repackaged and launched again, we have the Perfect idea. We have seen Australian born v foreigners, state v state, A-league v foreign team or country.

We propose: A-League v NPL all stars.

This would be a fantastic test of the difference in skill in the two leagues, whilst giving the best players across the NPL a chance to shine and showcase their talent to keen coaches.

We have seen many talented players from the NPL slip through the Australian system and go to other countries through necessity or simply for being overlooked . George Timotheu comes to mind.

Imagine the likes of Boland and James linking up to cut through an A-league defensive line and scoring against Andrew Redmayne.

We realise that this will probably never happen and with the impending 2nd division it’s growing ever unlikely that it would. But for now we can dream.

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